Photo by Katina Martin

COLEEN BARNHART has enjoyed drawing and painting all her life. Even when she was a small child, God planted within her a longing "to be an artist" like her grandmother, Margaret Heatwole. Even before she could talk, she could correctly identify every color of the rainbow. At age seven she began drawing realistic nature scenes and turned to portraiture at age twelve, with her twin sister, Katina, posing for her.

Today Coleen paints oil portraits for clients mostly across the Southeast and along the Eastern Coast. "I feel truly blessed to have this work that gives me so much pleasure every day," she says of her many years in the business of oil portraiture. "There is something special about capturing the glint in the eyes of a human that isn't there when I paint a tree or a basket, a truth about the subject that is deeper than the surface." Coleen lives near Waynesboro, Georgia where she has a studio on Liberty Street.

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